INFINITREE at Light+Building 2014 30.3-4.4.2014

Infinitree, an LED luminaire designed by Enzo Eusebi, is in the Italian piazza at the centre of the exhibition space. This product presents a new idea for “smart” cities of the future, promoting smarter mobility, sustainability and energy savings. Infinitree stands for modularity and new technologies, where nature and innovation come together for man’s use. The concept for this product was derived from the need for a product that could evolve continuously, with infinite possibilities for expansion. This is the origin of its name.
Infinitree is presented in white with five bird houses on branches: three of these host audio equipment while the other two are equipped with CCTV cameras. In addition to these, the product encompasses a charging point, which is an important innovation. An electric bicycle, the eBike 500L, which was inspired by the new 500L designed by Officine 83 Style  and Compagnia Ducale, will be able to be recharged thanks to a bike rack equipped with a socket.